Software Suggestions

Here are some software recommendations that I have for you. (Note: I will only recommend software that I personally use, or have tried and have found to be useful.)

Disclosure: I may receive a commission for some of my recommendations below.

Best Web Browser: 

Brave Browser – This is my preferred browser on my phone and my PC. Brave blocks out annoying advertisements and consequently speeds up page loading. Brave fights malware and prevents tracking, keeping your information safe and secure.  Whenever possible, Brave automatically upgrades to HTTPS for secure, encrypted communications when an ordinary browser would use an insecure connection.

Brave also incorporates a means of rewarding the creators of the websites that you visit.  You can choose to earn rewards by accepting to view occasional advertisements that come your way. These rewards can be ‘tipped’ to the creators of website content that you value, or you can keep them and spend the rewards yourself.  Rewards are paid via the cryptocurrency called BAT (Basic Attention Token) In my view, Brave Browser is extremely similar to Chrome, but has the primary advantage of advertisement blocking, while rewarding creators of content that you enjoy.

Download Brave Browser

Best Office Suites:

To me, compatibility with Microsoft Office is a MUST.  Firstly, if you want to purchase Microsoft Office or renew your Office 365 subscription then please contact me for a price – I can supply these for you. However, not everybody needs the full Microsoft Office suite.  Take a look at some of these alternatives for your consideration:

WPS Office Premium – For most home users, this is the best “Clone” of Office 365. It looks and behaves almost identically. It includes writer (a Word Clone), spreadsheets (Excel clone), presentation (Powerpoint clone), PDF editing and Cloud storage. There are lots of PDF editing capabilities built in and you will get 20GB of cloud storage.

You can run WPS Office on Windows, Android and iOS and your single subscription licence can be used on up to 9 connected devices (3 PCs, 6 Mobile).

For more information you should take a look at the website. You can download a free version with fewer features and advertisements to check it out first if you like. Visit the website to do this… but don’t forget to come back and use my discount link when you choose to purchase a one year subscription!

For information

Get the premium (add free and extended functionality & cloud storage) for around just $35 (NZ) per year if you use the link provided here.

Purchase WPS Office Premium at  40% discounted price!

I can also supply discount links for other versions of WPS Office if you need them – just ask!

Free Office suites that shouldn’t be overlooked include:

Libre Office – Another very compatible office suite, but not a look-alike (and behave alike) of Microsoft Office.

Download Libre Office

Google Docs – An excellent cloud-based choice (With apps that may be downloaded for offline use too.) Another very compatible office suite, but not a look-alike (and behave alike) of Microsoft Office.

Google Docs

Reliable Antivirus & Tune-up service:

Windows 10 is pretty safe if you are a careful internet user. But if you require greater protection (and it is wise) then you could check out some of these:


Kaspersky Security Cloud – The best free antivirus that I can suggest at this time (That doesn’t nag too often to get you to pay and upgrade your protection) is Kaspersky Security Cloud.

Kaspersky Security Cloud

Combo Anti-virus and tune-up utility:

Advanced Systemcare Ultimate offers great value in my opinion. It combines Bitdefender antivirus and some very advanced ‘tuning’ to get Windows cleaned up and running really fast.  (Retail price is approximately NZ$ 53 for a one year subscription for up to 3 PCs)

Special! – Use the following Discount Code when ordering to receive a 25% discount on Advanced SystemCare Ultimate.  This will reduce the price to around NZ$40.00!  (The subscription covers up to 3 PCs)

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 12 with Gift Pack

Use discount Code: FB6BED5B86

Cryptocurrency Suggestions

1) Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Binance – This is the Number 1 cryptocurrency exchange in terms of quality, liquidity, and variety & quality of cryptocurrency offerings.  Please use my referral link below to sign up to Binance.

Sign up to Binance Exchange

Coinfield – Another great regulated exchange from Canada. Use the link below to receive some free coins when you sign up.

Sign up to Coinfield Exchange

2) Best  place to buy and sell cryptocurrency in New Zealand

Easy Crypto – This has become my ‘go-to’ place to purchase cryptocurrency. Sign up and get verified at Easy Crypto and you will be to make purchases and have them transferred to your wallet within minutes.  Easy Crypto have a great range of cryptocurrencies available and the number is rapidly increasing. Fees seem to be very reasonable.

Sign up at Easy Crypto

3) Cryptocurrency Tax Reporting – Need to report your cryptocurrency profits/losses for your New Zealand tax return? It doesn’t have to be a nightmare.  A highly rated solution is which offers a very comprehensive service. It links directly to your various exchanges to obtain your trading records. It also deals with airdrops etc. If you use the above link you will save 20% on the fee.

4) Safest place to store your cryptocurrency – The Ledger Nano-X is the most recommended hardware wallet to store your cryptocurrency safely. Only you have access to your keys, and if you lose it, you can still get access to your cryptocurrency via a new Ledger device so long as you have kept your recovery phrase safe. You should only buy your ledger directly from the manufacturers website. Ledger website.

5) Earn interest on, or borrow against Crypto – Two options (I have used both) for earning interest on your Cryptocurrency or for borrowing against your cryptocurrency include:

Blockfi – A Wealth Management platform. Loan against or earn interest with your Cryptocurrency.

Celsius Network – A simple phone app to buy, hold, deposit coins to earn interest and/or borrow against.

CryptoCrew University – Learn to trade Cryptocurrency. (Steve’s classes – which consist of a series of videos, may seem expensive, but I have found them invaluable for learning to trade successfully and I’m sure that I would only have lost money without them.) I suggest that you first subscribe to the CryptoCrew University youtube channel  to see how you like Steve’s presentation style etc. Free weekly videos teach a great deal, but don’t provide the clarity of the classes for learning to trade successfully. (You may also get a little tired of the self promotion… but personally, I try to listen to them each week.)